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Art of Deduction Update: Please check your emails!

Under a read more, as it’ll probably be quite long.

As you may know, emails have been going out to all contributors from the publishers.

Please answer them ASAP. It speeds up the process incredibly.

All you have to say is that your work is your own, and you’re happy for it to be in the book. (BBC Copyright has been sorted, so any work based on Sherlock is not plagiarism in this case.)

Some emails have been bounced back, so can:

  • Adeenah
  • Jackie Brown
  • S. Leigh Murphy
  • Haily Stager
  • Heemyung Hwang
  • Herry Hrechka
  • M. A. Mclean

Please resend me your email address. If you don’t you won’t be included in the book.

Release date should be in time for Christmas.

Thanks for your continuing patience, a million apologies for the delays.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

HR, Author of A Guide to Deduction